A message about internship…

This morning Jerry Orban came to speak to my EPS class. He is the placement coordinator for the U of R and his talk got me really excited about my future. I have put a lot of thought into where I would like to intern and after much deliberation I have decided to apply for a placement in Horizon School Division. Having grown up in a small town, and comparing my school experience to that I have seen in my Regina placements, I can tell that a rural area is where I belong. The sense of community and the atmosphere of small town school is irreplaceable. I love the feeling of walking down Main St. and knowing the names of the people you see. I want to experience that through my internship. Professionally this move makes a lot of sense for me as I plan to reside and grow a family in Horizon School Division. If I get this placement, it will be a step in the right direction and a great way to network. I will be crossing my fingers until I find out my placement in May. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “A message about internship…

  1. Good luck Allie! From what you have written it is clear to me that you have given this a lot of thought, and you have included your personal values in the decision making process. To me, taking your values into account is crucial in establishing goals – if your goals and your values are in alignment, you will strive to fulfill the challenges that you have set out for yourself. As well including your values in your goals guarantees that when you have reached your goal, you will be happy. Well done, Allie.

  2. Allie, this is so exciting!! Although you may be feeling overwhelmed with classes and assignments (and unit plans!), let the excitement of internship motivate you! Jerry does a great job of accommodating the interns with their preferences; I was so happy with my placement – I know you will be too. Remember to let me know if you need any resources for the classes you are taking…I would be more than happy to provide you with my expertise 😉
    Talk to you soon, Elliott

  3. Good luck Allie – I hope your internship meets all your expectations and more. I know you will approach this experience with enthusiasm and a sincere desire to excell.

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