A message from me…

The world is full of messages. They are hidden in the pages of the books we read, spread across billboards we see, embedded into the shows we watch, and expressed through conversation and body language. They surround virtually every aspect of our lives. How we internalize these messages is up to us. They can inspire us or enrage us, resonate with us or perplex us. No matter the outcome, we carry them with us and they become part of our body of knowledge.

I am at an interesting point in my life as I process these messages through several different lenses. The scopes through which I react to these messages include that of a human being, a student, a teacher, and an emerging professional. As I balance these roles throughout this exciting and busy semester, this blog is where I will share and explore the meaning of some of these messages.  I invite you to join me in my journey….



3 thoughts on “A message from me…

  1. Allie, I look forward to following your journey and to bearing witness to your understanding of those messages and what they mean to you. I am extremely excited by this journey – your first paragraph was very intriguing and it immediately provoked thoughts and images in my own mind. Well done.

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