A message from school…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the school that I will be doing my 3 week block at. It was great to spend the afternoon away from the stress of University and just engage with the students. The theme this group of Kindergartens are working around right now is “A Healthy Me!” One of the activities involved reading a story about animal road signs. It created some great conversations about animals (science), road safety (health), location (social studies), counting (math), and pictures (arts education) What a treat to see such rich, cross curricular connections being made simply by reading a picture book! I was also able to share some personal connections about my recent trip to Australia with the students as we came across  a Kangaroo road sign. It was a great step in building community as the students learnt more about me as a person. The afternoon was delightful and on more than one occasion I was impressed by the students talents. We can never forget that children are capable!! The video below is a perfect example. This young girl is amazing!! (And it’s also my favorite song!)


2 thoughts on “A message from school…

  1. Allie, that video is amazing! After having a bit of a rough day personally, I found that I could not stop smiling as I watched the child in the video. It brought me joy – especially when she was yawning, but kept on singing! What a great example of perseverance!

    And I have to thank you – this post has given me a whole new perspective on reading a book. I loved how you brought so many different aspects into the singular task of reading. I will never look at a book (my passion!) the same way again!

    Overall, this post was a huge gift! I enjoyed it very much. Thanks Allie!

  2. I love this video! They performed live on Ellen yesterday and it was so good. She stopped in the middle of her singing just to wave at Ellen and she looked so happy… she is adorable! I am loving your blog so far Allie! xoxo

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