A message about art…

Think about your elementary art experiences. Do you have fond memories? Was it a frustrating subject area for you? I remember art being a “cut and paste” craft type experience. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED those types of activities, but what was I gaining from that other than fine motor skills? This semester my class is exploring the concept of “socially engaged art practice.” By giving students a variety of mediums to work with we can let them express their thoughts and feelings freely and focus on the process of art making rather than the product. (Products are the focus of crafts, not art)

I wouldn’t consider myself a very artistic person, I am creative, but not through visual arts. That’s the problem, we can’t focus so much on visual arts in Arts Education. As a future educator I believe it is important to pay attention to all four strands of Arts education equally. The four strands are comprised of visual art, dance, music, and drama. Another topic we are looking at is “community art.” This involves using each students strengths to create a community projects that everyone is involved in and passionate about. This process involves creating a “skill inventory” of the class. I would consider my skills to be dance and drama. What about you? Tell me your memories, skills, and thoughts on the importance of art in a classroom…


2 thoughts on “A message about art…

  1. My elementary experiences with art class were very much like yours Allie. The classes involved paper, scissors, crayons (wax and then pencil) and glue. Each child attempted to replicate the teachers example. Many succeeded, I mostly did not! My work was never “good” – I did not need to be told that, I could recognize it. And then I think what happened was that I began to lose confidence, and so my art work got worse! I reflect back and I wonder, if I had been given more freedom to create what felt right to me, rather than trying to replicate someone elses work, would I be a better “artist” today?
    My strength is drama – I try to create some each and every day 😉

    Another great post, Allie!

  2. Back in the “olden days”, our art projects were always based around the holidays – Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. or the seasons. Somehow mine never looked as good as my classmates and I became convinced at a young age that I was not artistic! However, I always enjoyed the art projects. They provided a wonderful break from more academic studies.

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