A message about planning…

Unit planning… what a weighted word that is! It is one that has been lingering in my head since the start of the semester, but I can no longer avoid it. This week I took the plunge and dove into curriculum, the library, and variety of resources to start planning my unit for my three week block. Kindergartens Going Green! A Cross Curricular thematic unit is my goal. I hope to integrate a social action plan for recycling in our school and cleaning up the school art. We will use art, technology, books, numeracy and writing to explore the 3 R’s and pollution and learn how we can help mother earth!  Some highlights involve our superhero leader Michael Recycle and learning from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax! I will be updating you as my planning progresses and I welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have!


2 thoughts on “A message about planning…

  1. Allie, that is so exciting. I love the focus on the 3 R’s. For as long as we have been told of the damage we are subjecting our planet to, many of us still refuse to acknowledge it and to do anything about it. Teaching children from an early age to love and care fo their planet will hopefully lead to their becoming responsible adults. Good job. I am looking forward to reading of your progress.

  2. Allie, this is a wonderful way to introduce social justice into Kindergarten. It is a topic that young children can understand and become involved in. They love feeling a part of their school and an action plan started by the Kindergarten class is a wonderful way to allow them the opporunity to do so. It’s so important to teach students these values at such a young age so they grow up knowing the importance of the 3 R’s. I really look forward to reading about the progress of this unit…. you may have to come and be a guest speaker in my class!

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