A message about todays students…

As I sit and look at my day planner, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by my busy schedule and looming assignments. I am not alone though. Check out this video about the life of students today… What is wrong with this picture?


2 thoughts on “A message about todays students…

  1. “I did not create the problems..but they are my problems.” This is such a strong thought. Despite it being just a few lines in length it really gets you thinking. This video is extremely true and a lot if not all, students can most likely relate to it. Great video Allie, and great posts! Your inspiring us newcomers in this program!

  2. Allie, what a profound and disturbing message this video carries. We think that technology is leading us into the future, but in many ways, it seems to be halting our progress. Rather sad isn’t it?
    I think that the thing that struck me the most about this video is the lack of audible dialogue. Its message that learning is to occur without verbal discussion and challenges leaves me with the sense that we are creating a robotic, anti-social community. That would just be tragic.
    Brilliant video. Thank you for sharing it.

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