A message about health…

Compressive School Health is an approach that the Saskatchewan Curriculum promotes. This approach focuses on the connecting thread of a whole school approach and recognizing that all aspects of the life of the school community are potentially important in the promotion of health. It focuses on four aspects: Heathy Physical Environment, High Quality Teaching and Learning, Supportive Social Environment, and Community Engagement and Partnerships.  On Monday, my Health Education class had the opportunity to visit a school who really embraces and promotes this idea. Jack Mackenzie School is a beautiful learning environment located in the east end of Regina. They fully embrace compressive school health and use their space to their full advantage by doing yoga in the hallways, running around the indoor track, and playing basketball in the hallways. The classrooms feature big windows, group tables, desks, and plants. During our morning at the school our class put on a health fair for the students. Students from K-4 circled through the gym making 10 min stops at each station. My college Erin and I focused our station on Hand-Washing and Germs. It was a blast and we learnt a lot! Did you know that most children think germs are little green monsters!?



2 thoughts on “A message about health…

  1. Hahaha! I love the imagery that your final sentence presented. How wonderful.

    Allie, did you happen to see the news on night last week when they showed a school – I believe it was in Saskatoon – where the children began their day by dancing? It was such a feel-good story, and it made me wish that I were back in elementary school. What a great way to start the school day. The children were happier and much more productive.

    I am happy that you had a lot of fun at your Health fair.

  2. I am glad that your project went well. Handwashing and germs is a very timely topic. It sounds like you presented a very visual lesson and I am sure that will leave an impression on the students.

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