A message about friendship…

Yesterday morning I had the chance to go for a quick visit at my school. The kids were all excited to see us and we had a wonderful morning. While we were there, our cooperating teacher explained to us a new classroom management/respect tool she was trying out. It is based on the book “How full is your Bucket? For Kids” by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmever. The idea is that the children recognize when they are filling someone’s bucket up (ex. helping them or giving a compliment) or emptying someone’s bucket out (ex. saying something mean to them) It seems to be working really well and the students are getting along great. A lot of new friendships are forming in the classroom community. While we are on the subject of friendship, check out this video. Have a great weekend and if your lucky enough to be on holidays, have a great reading week! Im off to the mountains to hit the slopes for a few days.


3 thoughts on “A message about friendship…

  1. Allie, I read the Tom Rath Bucket book for adults and loved it. I didn’t realize that they had written one for children. It is awesome. If ever you want to borrow my copy, let me know.

    I love the video! What a great way to start my day

  2. Dang! I always post my comment before I am finished!

    Have a great ski trip!!!! No crazy extreme skiing! Stay out of the back-country. We need you and Gav to take us white-water rafting in Canmore.

  3. I love your blog, Allie. You have truly embraced the whole idea of blogging to deepen your thinking, share your experiences and learn from your wonderful critical friends. Today I am going through your learning plan and had to stop to check to see if it was on your blog. I was then totally distracted with reading your many entries, responses from your critical friends and watching excellent videos that you posted. The ‘lion’ one made me cry! See…I’m easily distracted while I’m working just like you! 🙂 Thanks for working so hard, being creative and for caring so much about becoming the best teacher you can be!

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