A message from Kumashiro..

Yesterday in our EPS class we had a fabulous class discussion based on our text book Against Common Sense: Teaching and Learning Toward Social Justice by Kevin Kumashiro. Below are some quotes from the books that I found intriguing or inspiring and have given me a lot to think about as the semester draws to an end and my internship approaches.

“It’s not only what we do, but what don’t do.”

“Education can be about escaping their own lives.”

“What students learn depends on their own unique lenses.”

“The classroom should be a neutral place, neither oppressive nor anti-oppressive.”

“Challenging oppression must also address the many ways we unintentionally teach.”



2 thoughts on “A message from Kumashiro..

  1. Allie, I may have said this before – if I have, please forgive me – but one of the things that I love the most about your blog is that it always causes me to stop and think. This post is rich in food for thought. As educators, you are given a huge responsibility – you are helping to shape the world of tomorrow. The lessons that are taught in the classroom will carry over into adulthood for many, many individuals. Teaching children not only the curriculum but “people” skills like tolerance, acceptance, empathy, compassion will result in a better world for everyone. In your post, I was particularly struck by the sentence, “Education can be about escaping their own lives.” Imagine if you could take one of those inner city children, help him or her to escape their current life, and have them grow up to be the Prime Minister of Canada! Wouldn’t that be an amazing and enriching thing. Just imagine.

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