A message from Jack Johnson…

Jack Johnson is one of my all time favorite musicians. I had the chance to see him live in Australia this winter and it was one of the most inspiring shows I’ve ever seen. I believe that he has this effect because of his true passion and lyrics that always tell a moving story. This afternoon after sharing my unit plan with my advisor Betty, I was reminded of a great tune of his that fit perfectly into my unit. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “A message from Jack Johnson…

  1. Allie, I love Jack Johnson. Not only is he an amazing but he has such a strong social conscience. He utilizes his gift of music to communicate some very critical messages. This was a fantastic way to start my day – thank you!

    And I cannot wait to visit your classroom one day – I will know which room is yours because from the hallway I will hear young children loudly singing “Reduce, reuse, recycle!”

  2. Allie I think that you and I should move to Hawaii, start a school with cute little children and then invite Jack to our classrooms everyday for music. He would have to say yes!

  3. I LOVE reading all of your posts. You are going to be an excellent teacher and it is so refreshing to see how reflective and excited you are about your profession. As I read your Inquiry Based unit plan for the environment, I noticed that you put a lot of thought into your essential questions making sure that they were kid friendly and did not limit the students. I was just wondering if they came up with any questions of their own and how did you spark that curiosity? It is very hard to develop a unit plan around Inquiry Based Learning since the interest and the questions that come from the students may take a different turn. The biggest complaint among the teachers that I work with Inquiry based learning is that the children are too young to read so how do they independently get answers to their questions? You as a teacher are definitely one source and field trips are becoming more and more difficult to plan(at least in Calgary), so how would you provide resources to such a young age or to students with unique needs? I have only read a couple blogs but plan to post more later. Can’t wait to teacher talk with you this summer!

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