A message about technology in the classroom…

Recently my EPS class had the chance to do a inquiry project and explore an area of interest to us. My group choose to explore technology in the classroom. We created a wiki that provides many ideas and information on technology integration. Check it out!
Ed Tech Wiki


2 thoughts on “A message about technology in the classroom…

  1. Oh my goodness Allie, I have been meaging to comment on this post ever since it went up. I have even started writing (typing!) a number of times, been interrupted and then forgot.

    I am SO sorry!

    I was fascinated by this post! Prior to watching the video, which I have done a couple of times now, I have had very mixed feelings about modern technology in the classroom. I have felt very strongly that we are raising children to interact more with a machine than with fellow human beings, and I think that a loss of sociability is detrimental to our societies as a whole.
    However – I was really intrigued with the video and the possibilities it presents for enhancing and accelerating learning. I was especially inpacted by the statistic on the number of words that were available for Shakespeare as opposed to those available for Emenem. As a word lover, you sold me at that point!

    I envy you and your colleagues – I think that you will have such a wealth of tools to help you shape the future leaders of our country. You will be an awesome teacher Allie, and your students will have a “fun” learning experience. And isn’t that what education should be? Good job!

  2. Hi Allie,
    Here is an excellent link called “iLearn Technology” and it is all about educational technology and higher level thinking. Click on the link “Digital Bloom’s Taxonomy Livebinder” and it will show you the Bloomin’ Peacock. It is basically Bloom’s Taxonony and how to use technology to support higher level thinking among your students.


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