A message about time…

Wow! As I sit here writing this post this morning I am preparing to head to my last class of the semester!! Monday marks the start of my 3 week teaching block and I can’t describe how excited I am. Having said that, I am also saddened by the fact that this is the last time I will see my whole class for 8 months! (Summer + Internship) My class, also known as Section 40, has spend the past two years  (5 days a week) learning and growing together. It is hard to leave that support and those friendships behind as we head out for some in the field experiance. Having said that, I am grateful for wonderful tools such as blogs that allow us to stay in touch and updated in everyones experiences. I am ready for one last weekend of relaxation and a little organizing before my three weeks begin, I will be updating lots at that time so stay tuned!!


2 thoughts on “A message about time…

  1. Allie, this is such an exciting time in your life as well as the lives of your classmates and your future students! I know that you will find your internship to be extremely rewarding and that you will call on memories of conversations you have had with your fellow students and your instructors to guide you as you lead the classroom each day. It has been my experience that despite the miles that separate people with whom we have shared a portion of our life’s journey, they will forever be a part of your life. As your last video implied, modern technology will allow you to quickly and easily reach out to each other for encouragement, brain storming, and support.

    Good, good luck with your placement. I have no doubt that your students lives and learning will be enriched by you. I cannot wait to read your updates! Have a good weekend, Allie.

  2. The future only brings even greater experiences and opportunities to enjoy together, my friend! Expect many texts, phone calls, and visits in summer, internship, and for years and year to come. 🙂

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