A message about Treaty Education…

In my final class of the semester, we concluded our class with a discussion on Treaty education and First Nations & Metis content in school. As you may or may not know, this is a mandated part of the Saskatchewan curriculum and something that we learn about and discuss in all of my classes. Our discussion in Art however, was much different then conversations we have had with other professors and I left class frustrated and confused feeling unqualified and unprepared to teach this content. I then remembered this video I saw last semester when I look the Treaties in the Classroom workshop. It was created by students in Horizon School Division and puts a lot of things into perspective.


One thought on “A message about Treaty Education…

  1. WOW! What a great video! I for sure learned from this. I had never thought of the word “treaty” being applied to all citizens of Canada, and I have to admit, as I watched the people in the video give definition to the word , I was very moved emotionally. My mind raced at the power of the word – when defined appropriately, it will indeed break down barriers and help to eliminate racism. Kudo’s to Horizon School Division for a very well made video – I believe it should be played nationwide, as it could help to lead us into a kinder, more considerate way of life.

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