A message about classroom management…

Wow! With day 2 of my block behind me I am feeling confident, and I am throughly enjoying my days in Kindergarten! Today my field advisor Betty was out to watch my teaching partner and I. I have developed a great working relationship with her so I wasn’t nervous, rather excited to hear her feedback. Our lesson today was focused on creating our “super hero plan of action” (social justice action plan) and it went fabulously! We reread Michael Recycle after a short discussion on the 3 R’s and the students were encouraged to do a jumping jack every-time the story demonstrated doing good for Mother Earth. We then learnt our new classroom chant “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and started to created our classroom recycling bins. I planned for this lesson to take up two school days so we are not quite finished with everything yet! The students seem really excited about it so far and absolutely LOVED painting our recycling boxes. I couldn’t believe how fast they had them done!
My professional development plan for today was to work on classroom management. I used several strategies including finger plays, rhymes, story time cues, and creating groups by behavior to achieve my goal. I felt like for the most part the students were so engaged that few management issues arose. Betty really enjoyed my lesson and her feedback was very encouraging! If things keep going the way they have been I think my time here will fly right by!!


2 thoughts on “A message about classroom management…

  1. Oh Allie, I read so much excitement and joy in this post! With all of the structure and fun that you have worked in to your plan, the children would be very engaged and then you are right – less management issues. I am so happy for you, and even happier for the children who are learning from you!

    I can’t wait to read more, especially about my good friend Michael Recycle! It is all about sustainability, children 😉

  2. I love reading your blog, Allie. You are so positive, passionate and inspiring! Of course you do not have to focus so much on classroom management because you have planned extensively to make sure the students are engaged in meaningful, relevant tasks that are FUN! Awesome work and can’t wait to see you soon! ~ Julie ~

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