A message from Kindergarten!

Hello blogging world! I apologize for the delay in my posts, turns out full time teaching takes a lot of time and energy out of a girl! I am happy to report however, that things have been going fabulously in Kindergarden and I am now 100% confident that I will love my job. Since my last blog early last week we have been learning a whole lot about Mother Earth! The children have once again amazed me with all that they are retaining and their capabilities are always impressive. We have become an earth friendly class who recycles, and have been raising awareness in our school. A few highlights of the past few days include reading Dear Children of the Earth and watching & reading Dr. Susses The Lorax. We also have had the opportunity to use the laptops and learn about The 3 R’s using the Brainpop Jr site. The children have worked hard at spelling words, creating a class bulletin board, and taken an oath to always “speak for the environment.” We have talked about the importance of plants, clean water, and fresh air to take care of ourselves and our brother and sister animals. Michael Recycle is still guiding us on our path as we graph our good deeds and have fun learning together.
Enjoy a few pictures of our work!

Aside from my time in Kindergarten, I have also been very busy! Last weekend I attended my older brothers Graduation banquet. Trevor is convocating with a degree in Civil Engineering next month. Congratulations Trev, I couldn’t be prouder! It was also the first weekend of Dance Competition for all my wonderful dance students. They did very well and we brought home a couple gold medals! We have another festival this weekend with many more dancers from our club attending, I am sure it will be an exciting weekend for all my students and for me as I enjoy watching the results of all their hard work.


4 thoughts on “A message from Kindergarten!

  1. Allie, that is so fun and exciting, and I am very happy for you, the children and, my lovely friend, Mother Earth (have you seen the picture that I have of Mother Earth? I could email it to you if you wanted)! The third picture made me smile as I observed how engaged the children were. You will be an excellent teacher Allie! I am proud of you.

    I am also proud of Trev – congratulations Trevor! And very happy that your tiny dancers did so well.

    A “feel good” post – thank you for that!

  2. Allie, looks like your three week block is going amazing! You look great in all of your pictures – looks like you’ve been teaching forever. I am honestly impressed with all of your posts so far, it makes me excited about what is to come in my next couple of years at school.

    From the dance groups I saw last weekend they all did great! I can’t wait to see the rest of their finished products this weekend in Watrous!

    See you this weekend! xoxo

  3. Wow…super job protecting Mother Earth Kinders! Your helping hands are such an important part of caring for our planet. Keep up the fantastic work…you are all recycling rockstars!

    Enjoy your last week Miss Woiden! 🙂

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