A message from the North…

Hi Blogging World!

I have some exciting news to share with about an upcoming opportunity I have been given. At the end of the semester my EPS instructor meet with Erin and I to talk about doing a presentation to a group of NTEP (Nunavut Teacher Education Program) students about how we used technology in the classroom and as a professional development tool during our pre-internship year. I am really excited to meet with them and share ideas/resources on Friday May 13th at the U of R. Erin and I have been busy creating a wiki to include as many resources and ideas as we can so everything comes in one nice package. I will share this wiki with you once it is complete! The NTEP students also just completed their 3rd year of Education and will convocate with a U of R diploma. They are visiting Regina for a week and I am SO excited to get to be apart of this experience. Check out the “intro video” I made that will be shared with them on Monday.


One thought on “A message from the North…

  1. Allie, congratulations! That is a wonderful opportunity, and I know that you have earned it through your passion, your enthusiasm and your commitment to being the best teacher you can possibly be. You possess a strong positive attitude, and an excitement for all that you do. Your presentation will be wonderful, and I do hope that it will be recorded so that you can share it with all of us in the blogosphere. Good luck – you will be amazing, I know!

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