A message about my love of learning…

The past two weeks I have jumped into my professional development project for the summer, creating and expanding my PLN. (Professional Learning Network) I had debated doing this through twitter throughout the year but found myself  too busy with assingments and blogging to start. Well….. twitter has taken over my life! I am absoultey consumed with this whole world and amazed at how many people in the world are so passionate about education! I have learnt so much by just browsing through my newsfeed, it has been very encouraging for me. I also came to realized how much I truley LOVE LEARNING! I realize that sounds odd but I really do enjoy making connections and expanding my knowledge base, especially when it comes to learning about my profession. Twitter has brought me to that realization… how can I get my students there? Check out this video, I think it is a huge step in the right direction! (Also follow me on twitter @AWoiden)


One thought on “A message about my love of learning…

  1. WOW!!! Allie – I am so grateful that you have kept up your blog. I also love learning, and I am forever learning from you! Your passion is very contagious – thank you for that!

    I learned A TON from that video! I own an iPod – never thought to use it for learning purposes. I have a cell phone – never have it on! I have Twitter – never look at it or use it. You have inspired me to start using these learning tools in a more effective way!

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