A message about bridging the gap…

Isn’t it strange how during the school year when I was so “busy” I always managed to find the time to blog and now that I’m on summer vacation it seems like I never have the time… I am beginning to think blogging was a great distraction from my homework! (hehe) In all honestly though, I have been meaning to blog since Friday May 13th and my presentation at the U of R. Erin and I created a wiki to aid us in our presentation on technology in the classroom and our experiences learning about these new and ever-changing ideas. The presentation was an amazing experience, we were able to have some great conversations about two different cultures and how using technology can help to bridge the gap. We even made some connections about the possibility of blogging between a northern classroom and our classrooms during internship. Can you imagine how we might be able to use technolgy like Skype and blogs to learn about the different culutre within Canada and around the world! What kind of richness would that bring to your classroom? Aside from the actually presentation it was a rewarding experience to create a wikispace with my friend Erin who was miles away from me using technology. Through bbm, twitter, facebook, blogs, and the wiki it was like we were sitting side by side discussing and creating this resource. Check it out!


For any of my new friends from the North who may be reading this I invite you to reply with a comment or reflection about your time in Regina. I know you had an amazing time and gained a lot of great knowledge. What was the highlight for you?


One thought on “A message about bridging the gap…

  1. Allie – you have been missed a great deal! I love reading your blog and sharing in your excitement and enthusiasm.

    So happy to hear that your presentation went well – I knew that it would, how could it not? While I was in treatment the other day, I began speaking about all that I have learned through your blog, and the excitement that I felt for students today, who have such a multitude of “teaching aids” at their disposal. It is truly a wonderful time to be learning, and preparing for future careers.

    Please continue to blog, but also take some time to relax and enjoy your summer – next year will be a busy one for you and it will require a lot of energy. Have some fun this summer (I know that you will!).

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