A message about Relay for Life…

Tomorrow I am participating in Relay for Life here in Watrous and I am excited for many reasons. First of all, Relay for Life is a great way to raise funds of the Canadian Cancer Society, to “celebrate, remember, and fight back.” I took part in the Edmonton Relay for Life two years ago as a member of Audrey’s Angels, it was a group of women from my family in support of my amazing Auntie Audrey. (Check out her blog here!)  We had a great time and it was nice to be apart of such a positive event for change! This year my team, Chicks for Change is made up of another group of strong women (mothers and daughters) hoping to just that..change. I am really looking forward to it but I don’t know that I can stay awake all night!! Another reason I am excited for the Relay is that I get the chance to show of my second passion (next to education) and use it for good.. baking! I love spending my days in the kitchen creating and decorating tasty treats. With that in mind I have decided to sell Cupcakes for a Cause tomorrow at the Relay. Below is a picture of my family from the 2009 Relay for Life followed by a picture of the cupcakes I made today. Enjoy!! Please visit the Canadian Cancer Society‘s website for more information on Relay for Life, to make a donation, or find out how to get involved!


2 thoughts on “A message about Relay for Life…

  1. Allie – I am so proud of you! You are such an incredible woman. You are loving, thoughtful, compassionate, generous, supportive, intelligent and talented, to name just a few of the qualities that you possess. It is my honour to know you.

    I really wish that I could do the Relay with you – it would be so much fun. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!) I am in treatment tomorrow afternoon, and will be too tired to do very much afterwards. But know that I am walking every step with you and the rest of the amazing women in our family, as well as the other extraordinary women who will be walking for a cure, for a cancer free tomorrow! Can you imagine that? How awesome would that be?!

    Your cupcakes are so creative and they look delicious. I hope that you make a lot of money from them, and I secretly continue to hope that one day you will open your own cupcake store!

    Much love to you Allie. You are in my heart (right next to Bono!).

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