A message about multitasking…

I have officially completed my first full week of internship! It was a very exciting one here in the 1/2 room. Here are some highlights.

Monday: We wrote on our blogs!
Tuesday: 1st day of Kindergarten! Our room just got a whole lot busier ūüôā
Wednesday: Miss. Baade came to spend the day with us and see how we used the SMARTboard to help us learn.
Thursday: Living organism day! Our room was full of living things including kittens, a dog, a chicken, plants, and insects.
Friday: We did yoga for “fitness Friday”

So what did I learn along the way? Well for one thing, I learnt a fast lesson in multitasking when the Kindergartens arrived on Tuesday! I am amazed at my cooperating teachers ability to plan for up to 4 grades at once. She is able to find unique ways to teach to the whole group and then plan individual work for each grade. Some work requires her to be there while the other grade work¬†independently¬†or with the help of our¬†wonderful¬†E.A. It’s hard to explain, and even harder to wrap your head around! I have to admit, I am rather nervous for the Kindergarten days during my block. I know that this¬†unique¬†multi-grade internship will be a great¬†experience¬†and is a nice plus for the resume, but it sure is intimidating at times! Luckily, this is only the start of the¬†experience¬†and I know that I will learn many great strategies to run the classroom and build my confidence, and I am¬†truly¬†excited just to be here.

This week one of my professional¬†development¬†targets was “wait time.” I wanted to make sure to wait long enough after asking a questions so that each student would have time to process and produce an answer. Although this seems like a simple target, it is quite challenging to hold your¬†tongue¬†as the students look perplexed or have misinterpreted the question. Your gut response is to jump in with a¬†prompt¬†to get them on the right track. I had my coop record the number of seconds I waited after asking a question and I tried to remember to count to 5 in my head before speaking again. For about half of my students it was¬†beneficial¬†as it gave them time to process and react, the other half it made no¬†difference. I will however, continue to work on this for the¬†benefit¬†of those students.

All in all, it was a busy, exciting week full of learning! Can’t wait to see what next week brings as I¬†beginning¬†teaching Science. ūüôā


One thought on “A message about multitasking…

  1. Everything sounds so exciting, but for me, Thursday and Friday sounded like the best days! Oh, and Monday, as well! What a lot of fun.

    Allie, there is no need for you to be worried about how you will handle the multi-tasking and the Kindergarten block. You will, as you said, discover some excellent strategies which I know that you will implement successfully! Just enjoy!

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