A message about the new year…

2012…A new year and a new start! For me this means many things, the biggest one being I am back in Regina for my last semester at the U of R. I am filled with mixed emotions as to what this means…
1) I have 4 months to enjoy my friends and colleges and relax a little…(I hope)
2) In 4 months real life starts…. let the job hunt begin!
3) Internship is over and I have to revert back from the role of teacher to the role of student… (I have to listen a lot more!)
4) I am taking some great classes and I know I will learn a lot this semester!
5) Back to the world of readings and reflections…..

Yes, I think mixed emotions is the perfect way to describe my feelings!  My mind seems to be going a mile a minute and since classes started last week I feel a little bit unorganized. Having said that I know that once I get into my routine I will really enjoy my last bit of time in University. If you are one of the 3 people that follow my blog (Hi Auntie Audrey, Jillian, and Katie!) you will notice that it has changed a bit. I am currently taking an Education Computers class and  we are going to be using blogs as a place to showcase work and reflect. With that in mind, this blog is going to serve a couple of different purposes. The blog will remain a space for me to reflect and talk about education and my process of becoming, it will slowly be transformed into an e-portfolio to showcase who I am as a teacher, and it will also include page of “tech task” or assignments related to my ecmp class.

So 1 week into classes, let me try to explain where my head is at. This week I attended an “Education Graduation Workshop” where we were handed piles of information regarding resumes, interviews, and applying for jobs. I signed up to have my convocation pictures taken, applied for graduation, and applied for my teaching certificate…. talk about a whirlwind! Ahh! Am I really a teacher now? Where did the last four years go? Is it time for real life? The answer is Yes.. I am a teacher, it is time for real life, and it is time to really start thinking about my future. So I sat down this morning and started creating my resume… 4 hours later I decided to take a break and write this blog post! How does one take all of the wonderful experiences, and skills they have acquired and arrange them on 2 pieces of white 8.5″ by 11″ paper? If you know the answer, stop by for a visit, I have lots of coffee!

In all seriousness, I am so excited to graduate and become an official member of the STF. I can’t wait to get into my very own classroom and begin a career working with students everyday. Finding a job is only one small obstacle in my way!


One thought on “A message about the new year…

  1. Oh Allie, what a wonderful post! It resonates not only of new beginnings and new looks to the blog (which I LOVE, by the way!), but it also carries a sense of loss. A “farewell” to the life that you have known for so many years – that of a carefree (kind of) student. Enjoy every minute of your last four months.

    I would love to take you up on your coffee drinking/resume writing sessions. Perhaps sometime during my short visit, we can get together.

    I am so happy to see you back blogging, and I look forward to watching how this blog will evolve into an even brighter picture of who you are as a person and as an educator. I love you!

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