A message about collaboration…

I am taking 5 classes this semester…
Ed. Computers
Ed. Morals
Early Childhood Education: The Curricular Implications of Play
Ed. Psychology: Students with Special Needs

This week a theme emerged among all 5 classes…
Collaborate…. defined by dictionary.com as “to work, one with another; cooperate.” What a boring definition! When I think of the word “collaborate” I imagine community and inspiration. This picture inspires me, it reminds me of the the person I want to be. Someone who works with others, either in my classroom or on the web to educate, learn, inspire, and fight for the things I believe in.

What does collaboration mean to you? 


2 thoughts on “A message about collaboration…

  1. To me collaboration means working with others towards a common goal. Effective collaboration means sharing resources and ideas as well as looking for new ways to solve problems.

  2. collaboration – everyone working together regardless of ability, age, gender and race which involves hands on involvement and can be done from anywhere through various mediums. I also think it means including students as teachers and not just learners – I’ve been surprised by some of the things students have taught me and their classmates!

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