A message about music in the classroom…

This video of Elmo in an a parody of the popular LMFAO song has been going around lately…

It is certainly worth a laugh, but it got me to thinking about the influence music and media have on children. I was amazed with the songs that I would overhear my K/1/2 students singing in internship. They knew all the words to popular hits such as the original version of this song Im Sexy and I Know it. Do they know what it means? Maybe.. some do, others just heard their friend singing it. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture? I understand children’s need for high quality music, but can’t we find more appropriate topics? I feel like parents/teachers are so cautious of the movies they allow children to watch, but music seems to slip under the radar. Quality music for children does exist, it just takes a little effort to find. Many children find benefits in working with music on in the background. One of my favorites is Jack Johnson, many of his songs are appropriate for classroom use. We can also find great lesson hooks in music. Check out this video by OK Go…


5 thoughts on “A message about music in the classroom…

  1. I always thing that music is the perfect tool for teaching children. Rhythm stays in their minds, and they can recall the words to music long after they are no longer listening to it. I agree – parents need to exercise caution as to what songs their children are learning.

    I have to admit, I loved “I’m Elmo and I know it!”. Very cute.

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