A message about digital storytelling..

This week our tech task was to create a digital story. I choose to use google search stories to make mine, check it out…

I had a lot of fun making this and playing around with different formats. Digital storytelling tools provide us with a variety of ways to collect and share information. I have had some experience with these tools, but I know there are lots more out there to use. In my internship my 1/2/3 class used photo-story to bring to life Halloween poems they had written, after they were complete we shared them with each other and other classes. The students took pride in their work and enjoyed watching it come to life. The lesson went much further than simply writing poems in notebooks. Another one of my favorite ways to use digital storytelling is to bring picture books to life, this works great on the smartboard. I see great value in children’s literature, so finding creative ways to present it to students is crucial. Check out this youtube video of a classic story…

I believe that digital story telling is a great tool to use in the classroom because it allows students to tell and share their stories, and it allows you to present stories to them differently. Here (scroll down a bit) is a digital story I created at the end of my internship.. It tells a story I hold dear to my heart.


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