A message about the job search….

This morning I read a blog post written by a principal in BC What Do Principals Look For When They Hire? If you are about to begin looking for a teaching position I highly suggest you take a look at this!

I have received a lot of mixed messages about the job search process from the career center, school divisions, teachers, and colleges. It is easy to feel overwhelmed at times, but I think this post makes a lot of great points.

  • Its about passion for teaching and students, not listing your former accomplishments
  • Prepare by looking up information about the school or school division
  • Be confident
  • Show a willingness to try new things and excitement to learn
  • Know what’s going on in the world of education

I think the author makes a great point when he says, “We are looking for great instructors first, great colleagues second, and great supporters of school culture third. This hasn’t always been the case.” I find it frustrating when I come across teachers who are more passionate about volleyball then they are about educating students. Don’t get me wrong, extra curricular plays an important role in student development, and is a beneficial part of education, but it is only one part.

I believe great teachers are passionate about their students, and if you can demonstrate that through the hiring process, you are on the right track.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “A message about the job search….

  1. Thanks for posting this Allie! This is especially useful right now as this is the time we are busy applying and hoping for interviews and jobs. He shares some great pointers of what you should prepare for applying, and then interviews. My personal favorite is the Harry Potter reference quote “You dont chose teaching, teaching choses you.” To do a good job in teaching you have to love it.
    I love extra-curricular activities, and hope to help bring some learning to students in that aspect as well, but like you said it is about being a teacher first. Getting a teaching position should revolve around your ability in the classroom, not that you were a star athlete and be able to help out the team.

  2. I enjoyed this post especially because it came directly from a principals point of view. It relieves me that “smarts” are not the main focus and that character, references, and the desire to teach out weighs it. A tip that I will take from this article is to familiarize yourself with the school you are applying for; something I had not thought about before. Thanks for posting this!

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