A message about snow…

I took this picture on the Ipad about 1 minute ago…

Last night I was teaching dance in a small town about an hour and a half north of Regina, and when I locked the doors at 9 p.m. I was in the middle of a snow storm. The highways were awful, I could hardly tell where the road was and where the ditch was. Instead of heading back to Regina, I made the normally 25 minute drive home. It took me nearly and hour and I was white knuckling the whole way! Never the less, I made it home safe and sound.

My plan was to wake up early and hit the road in order to make it to my 10 a.m. class…. well unfortunately the snow has just kept coming, and highway hotline isn’t recommending travel at this point. Looks like I won’t be making it to my 12:30 class either! It is supposed to clear early afternoon however, so I am crossing my fingers I make it to my night class!

So where am I going with this? I promise its not a pity party. I started thinking about teachers who commute to different communities every day. They are often faced with poor road conditions and yet they have a responsibility to their students to make it to school. Living in SK, I think most people know their is a certain amount of risk involved when they choose to commute to work. But where do we draw the line? We certainly shouldn’t risk our lives in order to make it to school for one day. Maybe I am being to cautious, but until this passes I wont be heading out on the highway. How do professionals decided between their responsibilities and their personal safety? What are your thoughts…


4 thoughts on “A message about snow…

  1. My thoughts on this are that personal safety IS your first responsibility. You made the right decision, and I am glad that you did. The consequences of making the wrong decision would be much more profound than one missed day of school.

    That’s my thoughts! Thank you for being responsible and staying off of the highway! xoxoxo

  2. I think personal safety is very important. For my internship, I drove 1 hour everyday to get my school. Let me tell you, it is very stressful in the winter. I lost many hours of sleep worrying about the roads and how I was going to make it to school! I had a lot of support from my dad and he was able to drive me some days that the roads were horrible. I have had this exact conversation with many of the colleagues while in my Internship. We were given one full day for weather a year! I was told by other teachers that if the roads were bad, we were supposed to go to the school closest to us in that specific school division.. The problem for us was that the closest school in PVSD was the school I was at for my internship. So then what? I was lucky enough to not have to worry about an extreme snow storm because the four months that I was there the weather cooperated with my travelling.

    I do however realize first hand how much stress comes with commuting just because of the weather. After that experience, I hope in the future that my jobs do not involve commuting so that I do not have to deal with that extra stress. If a teacher goes out on a dangerous road they are endangering themselves and their students are also involved because if there is an accident it will affect more than just the is person on the road. I believe that no matter what the circumstance is, personal safety is the most important! It is better to be safe than sorry!!!!

  3. You bring up a really interesting point! I don’t drive, so I’ve never had to commute to a school during my pre-internship or internship. I am new to Saskatchewan’s brutal winters, so I greatly admire the dedication of teachers who commute to work every day during the winter. I agree with the people who posted above; you’re not going to be of much help to your students if you end up injured or dead, so personal safety is the most important thing to consider in situations like this.

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