A message about behavior management…

Today I stumbled upon an app called ClassDojo, it uses realtime software for behavior management in the classroom. This would have been really handy in my internship! By projecting this tool on a SMARTBoard or projector you can reinforce positive behavior, or help remind students to stay on task by giving them points or taking them away. At the end of the day or class you can review the results, print report cards, or e-mail results to parents. It looks like an awesome tool, and I can’t wait to try it out! Take a minute to check it out, I couldn’t wait to share it!


6 thoughts on “A message about behavior management…

  1. That is very cool and it definately would have been handy in internship. In my EPSY textbook it talks about how to keep children on task and how to promote positive behaviors rather than negative behaviors. The author’s explained this exact way of helping children know if and when they are on task or are not on task. I think that making it sort of a game can be beneficial and allow the children to realize the good behaviors they are doing and be aware of when they are participating it unacceptable behaviors. I also have some negative feelings about turning it into a game because it might take away from the seriousness of behavior problems within the classroom.

    Thank you for sharing this App! I am excited to try it out:)

  2. This is an awesome tool to use for students with disabilities, as stated above. I worked with two boys with FAS and they have a hard time understanding their behaviours unless they are given visuals to represent their actions and I think something like this would be aboslutely perfect for them! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I may be picky here, but… doesn’t this model use fear and pleasing? I mean… kids won’t do things out of fear of being pointed at as a problem or will be nice because they will want to please you. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose?

    • Its something to think about… I see this as an interactive visual. It can reinforce positive behavior, and help students stay on track. I can think of several students who would benefit from the visual reminder. What you choose to do with the results is up to you. I would probably just keep them for an anecdotal record. The e-mail parents option might only be used to send home when someone had a great day! Its flexible.

  4. This tool would be great for visual learners! However I wonder if this would encourage a competitive environment rather than a cooperative one? Or would children be more inclined to work together to improve their behavior as a class?

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