A message about Souls Harbour…

Tonight I had the opportunity to volunteer at Souls Harbour Rescue Mission here in Regina. The mission statement of Souls is “to Rescue people from poverty and addiction by offering emergency help, such as food, clothing and shelter, Life Changing Recovery Programs, and the Gospel Message.” Having the chance to serve a meal to members of the community was truly rewarding and very eye opening. I have known about the poverty and homelessness issues in Regina for quite a few years and I came to know even more about it last year during a class I took with Dr. Marc Spooner, but knowing and seeing are two very different things. We served over 200 meals to all types of people: adults, children, couples, singles, and families, all living in poverty right here in Regina. Only blocks away at the “city center” people were carrying on with their days, living a generally worry free life yet here is a building full of people struggling to meet their most basic needs. Something seems wrong with this picture… My time at Souls reminded me of a presentation I attended last year called Poverty as a Learning Challenge, you can find my post about that experience here.

I really enjoyed my time at Souls and I am grateful to have had this experience. My Dad always says “To know is to go!” but here is a quick look at what typical night looks like for volunteers at Souls Harbour


4 thoughts on “A message about Souls Harbour…

  1. Isn’t it such a great thing to help out with?! I made a visit to Soul’s Harbour several years ago, and think that their action and ministry in Regina is essential. I worked at the Salvation Army Food Bank in my home town. Some days it’s really hard to hear the stories and see the faces, but other days you know that just by being there, and just by lending your few hours and willing hands, you can make a world of difference. Definitely any action is positive action!
    I also find that I have so much to learn about life and love from everyone there, too. I gain so much by helping out.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  2. For my ECS 200 class we have to complete 20 hours of volunteer work and this semester I am volunteering at Carmichael Outreach and it has opened my eyes. Too often we forget that we take so many things for granted in life while others wouldn’t have a meal without places like Soul’s Harbour and Carmichael Outreach among others. I think it is amazing that these programs can provide people with the basic needs to make it through the day. Volunteering at Carmichael Outreach has been a new experience for me but I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to do so.

    Great post!

  3. This is great that you are doing this, and I hope that you will continue these types of activities throughout your life. Thanks for spreading this message – more people in Regina must come to see that homelessness and affordable housing are key issues for many people. While we are in a boom in this province, this means that many people (more every day) are left behind.

  4. That is awesome that you volunteered at Souls Harbour, Allie! I am also in ECS 200 where we are assigned to volunteer somewhere in Regina. I have been placed at the Regina Early Learning Center which is basically a school for low income families. It has been an amazing experience and definitely very eye opening for a girl from small town Sask! It definitely makes me feel great when I have offered my assistance to those who need it. One of my favorite things about the Ed program here is the chance to volunteer at a variety of places. It is great that you are continuing to do so even at the end of your schooling! I will definitely keep this in mind for the future, thanks for the read!

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