A message about environment…

I believe in creating a safe and caring classroom community where both students and teachers take risks to enhance learning.
I believe in creating a collaborative learning environment between the students and myself.
I believe in success for all students and celebration of achievements.

These are three statements from my philosophy of education that speak to the kind of classroom environment I strive for. When we consider the classroom environment we can speak to both the physical space, and the atmosphere within that space. (The actions, feelings, and emotions) To me, these two differenet definitions of environment are uniquely connected in the way they effect each other. Having said that, these statements largely refer to the abstract environment. For a glimpse at my ideal physical environment visit my pintrest board or this website with basic to the point information.

The key words in these statements are..

  • Safe
  • Caring
  • Community
  • Risks
  • Collaborative
  • Success
  • Celebration

I believe that before authentic and meaningful learning can take place, we need to build a classroom community. This starts by building relationships, developing trust, and setting out clear behavioral expectations. Students need to know that their classroom is a safe place where they will be accepted and appreciated. Through out my time at the U of R, different professors have referenced Harry Wong and The First Days of School. This book stresses the importance of routines and procedures, I see the value in that for classroom management, but I think something is missing. Teaching is about relationships, I would argue that teaching is relationships. Its about relationships between teachers and students, students and content, teachers and curriculum, students and students, teachers and administration, the list goes on and on. So if teaching is highly relational, to me the “First Days of School,” is time that should be spent developing these relationships and beginning to build a classroom community (environment) that is safe and caring, that allows for risk taking, this is collaborative, and that recognizes and celebrates success. I think this is the aim of many school divisions and I hope it is the reality of many classrooms.

I realize that relationships can take time to develop, especially for shy students or students who arrive later in the year so it is important to continue working at them. I believe that they are important and beneficial for all students. Have I left anyone out?
What have I forgotten to say here?


One thought on “A message about environment…

  1. I agree that developing relationships in the classroom are a critical component to any classroom environment. I might add that alongside building relationships with students, teachers, administrators, content, and curriculum, building relationships with parents is important as well! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your ideal learning/teaching environment Allie.

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