A message about ECMP 355..

This semester I had the privilege to take ECMP 355 with Dr. Alec Couros. As you can tell, this class provided with with a lot of useful tools t use in the field and a new philosophy about learning and sharing with technology.
I believe in collaborating and sharing with teachers and learners around the world through the use of technology. 

An important aspect of this class was contributing to the learning of others. I was really impressed with the thoughtful comments I received on my blog and through twitter, so I did my best to do the same for others. Here are some links to some of my blog comments that I feel were helpful and contributed to the learning of others.

What do teachers do?
Inspiration for teachers
Embarking on my learning project
Improv Comedy
Twitter in the Classroom
Student Success
Female Head-coverings 
Kony 2012
Something to Say
Classroom Idea

I also worked to help others through twitter. I started building a PLN by following educators on twitter and using hastags such as #edchat or #ecmp355. Here is an example of how I used my PLN to help others!

Through twitter, my blog ended up on a couple of online newspapers as well! Here is a recent example..

This class provided me with an abundance of tools to take into the classroom and use to enhance learning and showcase student work. It has been said that students who learning in the open, work much harder because the whole world can see their results, not just one teacher. By instilling this motivation in our students we send them the message that “your work matters and you are important!” There are many skeptics and fears around technology in the classroom, but we are at a point where we can not fight this, so lets embrace it! Teach students how to use technology to their advantage, to learn from other, to learn with others, and to make the most out of every situation.


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