A message about changes and challenges…

Well, I have been teaching Grade 3 for a month now and I have finally found a few minutes to update my blog. What has taken me so long? I have been busy loving this bunch…

My first day in Gr. 3

With only two months left in the school year and 4 years of classroom ideas building in my mind, I had to be selective with what I would be doing with my time. The first thing I did was rearranged the classroom and tried to change the environment. Here are some highlights.

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The students have been working really hard on their writing. We are using a mini version of PWIM to enhance their writing skills and everyday we visit the “cursive corral.” I am the sherif in the cursive corral and the kids think it is hilarious if I have to give out a messy ticket! We have dove into an inquiry unit on “Pioneers” as well. We are reading Little House in the Big Woods, started a blogging project, and look forward to churning our own butter, and turning our classroom into a one room school house where we will follow their rules for one day.

One thing I have found challenging stepping into a classroom at the end of the school year is parent communication. The class was using agendas to communicate but not everyone seems to remember how important this is. I was looking for an alternative way to provide information to parents so I recently starting using remind101. This service sends the same reminders that go in agendas directly to parents cell phones. It was completely optional for parents, but I find it really useful!


One thought on “A message about changes and challenges…

  1. 🙂 The key is to be organised and you certainly seem to have been able to make significant changes in a short time. It can be hard stepping into the shoes of another, especially so close to the end of the school year. The “remind101” idea seems a good way for those who opt in. Many times I had parents say they didn’t receive notes from school.
    As I was often teaching Grade 3, I found, once they know you’re there for them, they can amaze you with their energy and enthusiasm.

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