Classroom Sneak Peek!

With only a few minor details to finish up, it’s safe to say my new classroom is basically ready to go. Check it out!

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I had a few unique challenges when I was setting up this space. Number one, you may have noticed there are no windows… My solution to use browns and greens to give the room an earthy feel. (Not quite as nice as a window!) This room was also an old science lab and felt a little cold. I used pillows, benches, and a lamp to make the room more welcoming.I am really pleased with how everything turned out! Some of my favorite parts…

-My behavior clip chart (free from Teachers-pay-Teachers!)
-My bookshelf/bench units (a deal from Costco, even included the storage boxes!)
-The picture fame on my desk, it holds a couple class lists. I plan to use whiteboard markers to keep track of little details on there. (ex. who as paid for a hot lunch)
-Floor pillows.. they make me want to sit down and read!
-My large bulletin board.. it may look empty now but soon the students will be in charge of their down space and it will highlight their best work!

Can’t wait for the kids to arrive after the long weekend!


5 thoughts on “Classroom Sneak Peek!

  1. Looks great Allie!!! You did an AMAZING job and looks like you’ve worked very hard on it! Doesn’t look ‘cold’ at all, it looks welcoming and fun!! The kids will love it! I look forward to hearing stories from this classroom! Good luck girl!!

  2. Pretty exciting Allie, you worked it well…Love the book corner too.Your great work brought a tear to my eye…Can hardly wait to hear what the kids think of it….Maybe they could work on a window mural!!!HaHa.

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