About Me

Welcome to my blog/e-portfolio!

My name is Allie Woiden and I am excited to share some messages from my journey with you. I am a recent graduate from the Early Childhood Education program at the University of Regina. After convocation, I worked on a temporary contract in a Gr.3 classroom with Horizon School Division. This experience allowed me to use the skills I have acquired through my training, along side my passion for children to create a memorable, educational, and truly exciting experience for my students and I. This year, I am starting with a new school in Horizon on a permanent contract teaching Gr. 3. I am looking forward to an enjoyable and challenging experience in my first full year in a classroom I call my own!

Contact Information
E-mail: alliewoiden@hotmail.com
Twitter: @AWoiden


One thought on “About Me

  1. Looks good, Allie! If you ever want help with anything technnology related, apparently I’m an expert now so let me know if you want ideas. I have a whole list of awesome websites for any subject area that you could use on your three week block. See you soon!

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