Philosophy of Education

I believe…

I believe that my role as a teacher is to meet my students on their level, and find a respectful way to promote learning and critical thinking for all students.

I believe in teaching to the whole child through a variety of instructional strategies.

I believe in creating a safe and caring classroom community where both students and teachers take risks to enhance learning.

I believe in creating a collaborative learning environment between the students and myself.

I believe in holistic and natural assessment and evaluation.

I believe in the differentiated classroom: one size does not fit all.

I believe in success for all students and celebration of achievements.

I believe in the adapative dimension, and having the right and responsibility to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of all learners.

I believe in inquiry-based learning, where the teacher acts as a facilitator of knowledge and students are constructivists.

I believe in the importance of the process as well as the product.

I believe in using technology in a variety of ways in the classroom to enhance instruction and meet the needs of a generation of digital learners.

I believe in the value of equity, not equality.

I believe in place-based education to develop student’s sense of self, community and place.

I believe in guiding students to be independent lifelong learners and engaged citizens.

I believe in teaching for social justice and social change.

I believe in the importance of movement in my classroom.

I believe in the value of play at all ages.

I believe in collaborating and sharing with teachers and learners around the world through the use of technology.

I believe in my students.


2 thoughts on “Philosophy of Education

  1. I believe you are going to be an amazing educator, inspiring your students to stretch the limits of their potential.

    I believe that you will instil in each student a passion for knowledge, and a desire to make a difference in the world.

    I believe in you.

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