Full reference letters are available upon request.

Allie has a great deal of potential. She is aware of the many responsibilities needed to be a successful classroom teacher committed to meeting the diverse qualities and demands of the students today. Her pleasant personality along with her excellent work ethics, combine to make Allie a good candidate for a teaching position.”
Betty McConnell
Faculty Advisor
U of R

Your enthusiasm and organization helped remind me how awesome our career is. Your dedication and experience will carry you far”
Cindy Cantelon
11/12 Teacher
Imperial School

Allie was very successful in creating and teaching choreography for the school musical Annie. Her background of dance instruction allowed Allie to teach the routine effortlessly and precisely. She was consistent, level-headed and enthusiastic during her rehearsals. The students enjoyed working with Allie, and as a result, there were no discipline issues. I would highly recommend Allie as a mature, capable, and energetic teacher. Any school would be fortunate to have her on staff. ”
Carol Baade
Drama/English Teacher
Imperial School

Allie has excellent organizational skills and is committed to all aspects of teaching. She demonstrates creativity by incorporating new ideas and materials into daily lessons which focus on curricular outcomes. Allie provides many experiences for active student participation through inquiry, cooperative, and experiential learning activities. Allie has a caring, professional manner which fosters a warm and positive classroom climate, while getting students excited about learning. She is a prompt, conscientious and reliable staff member. Allie has my highest recommendation without reservation.”
Rhonda Kelly
K/1/2 Teacher
Imperial School

The Important Book
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Comments on a classroom blog

“Hi Miss Woiden!
How exciting for you, your cooperating teacher and your students to begin the school year together. You will all have a fun-filled fall learning many new things. I’m eager to follow along with you on your blog. How wonderful to share your experiences with the world!
And…a note to your students and families…you are VERY lucky to have Miss Woiden. She has been SO excited to meet you and to walk alongside each of you as you explore, discover and share your learning journey. I can’t wait to read your very own blog postings. Take good care of Miss Woiden…I miss her at the university already! :)
Have fun! ”

Julie Machnaik
EPS Instructor
U of R

Hi Miss Woiden, What a great idea to bring technology into the classroom and our homes. Keep up the good work; you are going to make a fabulous teacher!! :)
Gr. 2 Students Parent
Imperial School


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