A message from Michael Recycle…

Today was my first day of my block and it was fabulous! It was so nice to see all the children again and spend the day learning with them. It’s easy to forget how entertaining they can be when you have been away for a while, but there certainly is never a dull moment!! My opening lesson Too much Garbage! went great. I was surprised to learn how little the students actually knew about protecting our environment but their passion to learn was evident and I am excited to take them on that journey. The class absolutely LOVED Michael Recycle and we had a lot of fun creating our own Super “Green” Heroes. It was a great start to what I’m sure will be an amazing three weeks. Tomorrow we start to create our “Super Hero Plan of Action.” I can’t wait to see what they come up with to help protect Mother Earth!


2 thoughts on “A message from Michael Recycle…

  1. Allie, first of all, I love how you wrote, “spend the day learning with them.” It is refreshing and inspiring to think of an educator who sees her role as entering into a learning partnership with the students. Continue to use language like that, and you and your students will move mountains!

    As an official “tree hugger from Vancouver,” I am equally thrilled with the content of your course material. I know that you will make the children much more environmentally conscious, and they in turn will hopefully play an integral role in altering the perception of recycling that their families currently hold.

    You are embarking on a wonderful journey Allie – not only are you helping to develop the leaders of tomorrow, but as their first “teacher,” you are helping to form their impression of education as a whole. What they get from you, they will carry with them throughout their school years, and that is a powerful thing.
    The children in your classroom are headed for a fun, stimulating and engaging learning experience. They are fortunate students, indeed.

  2. Your excitement and passion is contagious Allie! I have no doubt that you and your students will truly be environmental super heroes over the next three weeks! I know that you share my passion for educating towards a sustainable future and the steps you are taking with students so young truly are making a difference! Be sure to post some pictures if possible. Maybe I can show my grade 2s that a Kindergarten class in the same city is also working to improve our community!

    Keep enjoying every minute of your block Allie!

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